Impact-resistant alumina ceramic lining with custom ceramic blocks

Impact Resistant Alumina Ceramic Linings with Custom Ceramic BlockCategoryHC90HC92HC95HCT95HC99HC-ZTAZrO2Al2O3≥90%≥92%≥95%≥ 95%≥ 99%≥75%/ZrO2/////≥21%≥95%Density>3.50g/ cm3>3.60g/cm3>3.65g/cm3>3.70g/cm3>3.83g/cm3>4.10g/cm3>5.90g/cm3HV 20≥900≥950≥1000≥1100≥1200≥1350&g

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Impact Resistant Alumina Ceramic Linings with Custom Ceramic Block

Al2O3≥90%≥92%≥95%≥ 95%≥ 99%≥75%/
Density>3.50g/ cm3>3.60g/cm3>3.65g/cm3>3.70g/cm3>3.83g/cm3>4.10g/cm3>5.90g/cm3
HV 20≥900≥950≥1000≥1100≥1200≥1350≥1100
Rock Hardness HRA≥80≥82≥85≥88≥90≥90≥88
Bending Strength MPa≥180≥220≥250≥300≥330≥400≥800
Compression strength MPa≥970≥1050≥1300≥1600≥1800≥2000/
Fracture Toughness KIc MPam 1/2≥3.5≥3.7≥3.8≥4.0≥4.2≥4.5≥7.0
Wear Volume≤0.28 cm3≤0.25cm3≤0.20cm3≤0.15cm3≤0.10 cm3≤0.05cm3≤0.02cm3

Impact Resistant Alumina Ceramic Linings with Custom Ceramic Block

QMX's wear resistant ceramic tiles can be cut into any shape and are easy to install and maintain. They are suitable for both wet and dry processing applications. Advanced ceramics combine high strength and toughness with extreme hardness to deliver exceptional wear resistance.


Mineral Processing equipment operates in some of the harshest and remote locations. It is crucial to the Mineral Processing industries that this equipment continues to operate efficiently and its lifecycle is maximised to minimise down time. By appropriately protecting equipment from the extreme wear caused by the high speed and flow rates of ore when processed as a slurry ensures better equipment longevity. Slurry is highly abrasive and can not only cause wear damage to wet processing equipment but also with the inclusion of chemicals and heat, there is constant risk of corrosion and dangerous leakage.

Wear Protection ceramic Linings are used throughout Mineral Processing to protect the steel surfaces of equipment from wear and corrosion. They are used on a range of equipment including pipes, tanks, chutes, pumps, flotation cells, thickeners, launders and feed spouts or chutes.

Packaging & Delivery:
   (1) 25kgs per plastic drum, wooden pallet 
   (2)Inner boxes with filler . 
   (3)Outpackage is high quality cartons . 
   (4)Custom package

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Impact Resistant Alumina Ceramic Linings with Custom Ceramic Block

Zibo Qimingxing New Material Incorporated Co., Ltd has been founded in 1997 and covered the area of 160mu,having more than 260 staffs in which the technical staffs account for 35%. The company has set up their wholly owned subsidiary, Shandong Ultraming Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd, Shandong Yilaisheng New Material Co., Ltd, Zibo Xingao New Material Research Institute Co., Ltd. The annual production of wear resistant ceramic and grinding media is 18000 tons. Our factory passed the ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management system certificate and successfully listed on the new OTC market in January 2017. The stock code is 870601.

Our products are also exported to many courtries and build long-term business relationship with customers.

Every year we also go to many exhibitions all over the world.

Impact Resistant Alumina Ceramic Linings with Custom Ceramic Block
Impact Resistant Alumina Ceramic Linings with Custom Ceramic Block

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